13 August 2017

Culotte Jumpsuit Lust

Do you ever just get your heart so set on finding a particular outfit that you've been lusting over and have dreamed up in your head? Yeah, me too. Culotte jumpsuits have been so popular this summer, and although I'm not one for
actively following fashion trends, I knew I had to have one. With a few events that need attending over the next month or so I hopped online to find myself something that would suit. Because it would just be immorally wrong if I purchased something in any colour other than black, I figured I should try and add some sort of femininity to the outfit, so a floral print went straight on the requirements list as well. 

I came across this Black Floral Tie Waist Jumpsuit on New Look, and instantly fell in love. Normally wrap over dresses/tops and V-necks are a huge no no for me as I always feel they highlight the fact that I have no boobs, but for some reason I wasn't phased by this at all. Although the jumpsuit is marketed as more of a "casual/summer essential" it can so easily be dressed up for weddings, christenings (which is my first port of call in this outfit), out for lunch or even to the office. It's definitely very multi-purpose, which we all know, I live for. 

It does have a more loose, casual fit, which is perfect for me. The material itself is viscose, so is nice and lightweight for those warmer days or non air conditioned venues! My sunglasses are also from New Look but are no longer available (boo), and my sandals and scrunchie are both from Primark. 


How are you styling your culottes and jumpsuits this summer? And what pieces have you been lusting over lately?

J x



  1. That's a great jumpsuit, and a lovely use of the cullotes trend. Well done, it looks amazing on you!

  2. What a pretty jumpsuit! You look great and it suits you perfectly!
    Have an amazing day,
    Ioanna | http://thecolourfulbouquet.com/


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