27 August 2017

Brands I've Loved Working With & Why

For me, working with brands is a great way of expanding my knowledge of products, upcoming and existing brands, networking and making contacts, and not to mention it gives you the opportunity to create fresh and exciting content for your readers.
I will say, I'm in no way a "big" blogger, completely the opposite, and my experience of working with a variety of brands is very limited, however it's safe to say I've worked some amazing brands so far, and I've also worked with my fair share of not so desirable brands who expect a whole lot of work for nothing in return (story of a bloggers life). But, each experience counts.

There can sometimes be a bit of negativity that circles around sponsored posts, collabs and gifting so I wanted to bring some good vibes back into PR and blogger relations - I compiled a list of brands I've thoroughly enjoyed working with and wouldn't hesitate to collaborate with again in the future, and also what I liked most about my experiences. My blogging journey so far has taught me to always be PR friendly but to make sure that I'm being fairly compensated for my time. As a working makeup artist I love working with both new and existing brands so I can share my latest finds with my clients and be able to let them know my opinion on the latest "must have" products, and also raise awareness of those hidden gems.

FalseEyelashes.co.uk | The sheer range of products that they offer are fab, and suit all budgets. Dealing with this brand was so easy and smooth, quick email responses and super speedy delivery. I recieved a range of different false eyelashes and reviewed each of the styles. I felt I was gifted a really good variety of styles but also price range and have shopped with them countless times since!

Dr. Botanicals | What I love most about this brand is the range of bloggers they work with. I was first contacted by them back in August 2016 and have worked with them again earlier this year. The quality of their products are exceptional, from the packaging to the volume of product you actually get. The PR staff are always so friendly and helpful, and always seem so eager to please and help if you have any queries. 

Lush | Although I'm not on Lush's PR list, I've been to a few of their blogger events and felt I couldn't not mention Lush when writing this post. My first ever blogger event that I attended was with Lush, and all staff made me feel so welcomed and involved. The views and policies that Lush adhere to are what makes me love this brand so much and I've never been able to fault the quality of their products and services. If you've not been to one of their blogger events before and are offered the opportunity, I can't recommend them enough! 

Six Plus Cosmetics | A brand I worked with very briefly, but still feel they need a mention. I actually contacted Six Plus myself after seeing other bloggers being sent their makeup brushes for review. They seemed eager to work with bloggers and gave me the details of how to proceed. A few days later my makeup brush set arrived, and I was delighted with them. For me it's all about quality, and service. Although I felt I had very little interaction with Six Plus, the brushes themselves are brill! I still use them daily and some of them are even in my professional kit. They're definitely hidden gems and a brand that I think deserves a lot more recognition.

Have you worked with any of these brands before and who have been your fave brands to collaborate with? 

J x


  1. These all sound like amazing brands! It sounds like you had great experiences. I'll definitely check them out!

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