9 October 2016


When it comes to false eyelashes, there are so many different styles and types to choose from, so sometimes it can be tricky finding the right ones for you. I'll admit I got slightly excited when FalseEyelashes.co.uk got in touch, and very kindly sent me some lovely lashes to try. With the C word creeping up on us pretty quickly, now is as good a time as ever to get yourself prepped for those festive nights out, or just stock up on your favourite lashes. I've been trialling a few different pairs of false eyelashes over the last couple of weeks - so did they pass the test?

Peaches and Cream | The Short Individual Lashes from Peaches and Cream* are perfect for someone who is new to using false eyelashes, or maybe you just prefer a more natural finish. They are 10mm long and are soft to touch. You can use these if you have sparse or flat lashes to add a little volume, and can position these easily to achieve as subtle or dramatic a look as you want. Peaches and Cream No.19 lashes are my favourite lashes that I received. They provide a slightly fuller look but still have a natural, wispy appearance. The invisible band is great because you can be liner free and not have to worry if that thick black band is on show. These might just be my new go to pair of false lashes...

Eye Candy | Their 006 lashes* provide a thick and fuller look with natural definition. They are lightweight and are great if you're looking for lashes with a shorter length compared to the P+C No.19s. The 015 lashes from Eye Candy* are described as ultra full with a retro look. They are double layered which just looks absolutely beautiful, and are surprisingly lightweight. If you're going on a big night out and want a pair of lashes that bring the volume and the drama in one, I'd reach for these bad boys.

Kiss Haute Couture | The first thing that caught my attention with the Kiss Haute Couture Wink lashes* was the incredibly nifty lash applicator that is included. I always worry when I'm working with delicate, wispy lashes that my tweezers and my not-so-light handed approach might damage them so the fact that this is plastic, light as a feather and easy to grip is like a breath of fresh air! This multi pack contains 5 of the Kiss Haute Couture lashes in the style Wink, they are fuller at the base of the lashes next to the band, and softly flare out towards the ends, with varying lengths of lashes. These add that finishing touch to any makeup look and are great for adding volume and definition.

Have you tried any of these lashes? 

Jenny XOX


  1. I'm always really reluctant to wear fake eyelashes, but some of these actually look really pretty!


  2. Sounds like a wonderful pieces! I've never actually had ones in my eyes but I'm a bit curious to try them out haha :D

    ~ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

    1. They're defo worth a try! Falseeyelashes.co.uk have SO many to see too! Xox

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