5 August 2016


A few weeks ago I attended my first ever blogger event at Lush Livingston (you can check it out here), and I had the best time. So it's safe to say when I got an email inviting me to the Lush Spa in Edinburgh for a taster treatment session, I was a teeny tiny bit excited! I'm just going to apologise right now for the poor photo quality in this post - it is dark in the Lush Spa and also all photos were taken on my phone (how am I even a blogger?!). As you enter into the Lush store in Edinburgh, you're taken downstairs to the Lush Spa. You are welcomed by soft, dimmed lighting, friendly faces and an English country cottage inspired feel which creates an inviting and relaxing space. On arrival I was given the most delicious tasting water I've had in a long time, it was infused with cucumber and lemon, definitely going to make some at home soon, very refreshing. There was music from Klone and also Jenny & the Wren, I got to sit down and watch them both for a few songs and it was a really chilled vibe while I was waiting to go for my mini treatment. It was so nice to meet them both, very down to earth and super talented! (Highly recommend checking them out).

Once the Spa therapists were ready for us - I was joined by John, who works at Lush Edinburgh, he was great company - we were taken into the twin treatment room. My therapist was Janine, also super lovely! They explained the whole concept of Lush Spa and also all about the treatments that are offered. The treatment was a taster of the Sound Bath and lasted 10 minutes and consisted of an INCREDIBLE head massage and also use of the tuning forks on my face, head and chest. Here's a little bit more of an in depth explanation of what the Sound Bath treatment is... Designed to strike a chord deep within, a canopy of sound overhead, glowing through the lids of your closed eyes (side note - terrified to close my eyes in case I fell asleep!). Tremors tunnel from within, sailing through your temples, chest and heart to cleanse and awaken. Sound Bath is deeply re-balancing, meditative and refreshing for the senses. Helps drain the lymph and stimulate your circulation. In short, the Sound Bath is a face and head massage with ear candles and tuning forks, you don't have to strip off, and it costs £70 for 60 minutes and a 20 minute consultation. 

I loved that the therapists were so knowledgeable, and were spa therapists before joining Lush, so they had years of experience in the industry and were really passionate about Lush as a brand, and as a company to work for. After my treatment I went into the kitchen in the Lush Spa and got chatting to Jules. She made me a lovely cup of tea (man I had to try so hard to stay awake after this!) Her eye makeup was stunning and of course the conversation quickly turned to makeup. We discussed Lush's makeup range and (as like, every Lush staff member) was extremely knowledgeable and big thumbs up for her for being so attentive and making my experience top notch and even more memorable. There's even a bathroom with a huge shower in so you can hop in quickly if you've just rushed from work or whatever, and is filed with products for you to use to your hearts content. If you've never visited the Lush Spa in Edinburgh before and you're in the area, I can't recommend them enough, I will 100% be going back for a full treatment soon!

Have you had a treatment before at Lush Spa? What did you have and if you've never been - what treatment do you fancy?

Jenny XOX


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    1. I know that the one in Edinburgh is having a taster treatment ever fri/sat in August but you have to get tickets I think the first one was just for bloggers but could be wrong! Defo worth checking if your local one is doing it too! Thanks for reading! Xox

  2. I never knew these were even a thing!! I stay in South Africa but will be visiting England in December.. are these open to the public? Would LOVE to visit!

    Rayne - MAKE IT RAYNE


  3. This looks amazing! I've never had a lush treatment but think I might have to book one sometime soon!

    Beth Ellen l modedeviebel.blogspot.co.uk


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