26 August 2016


I'm trying to seriously switch up my skincare lately and find some new products that fit in with my busy routine. I love products that I can apply in the evening or just before bed and then not have to worry about trying to squeeze in time in the morning before dashing off to work. My skin is normal/combination but I tend to get a little oily on my nose, so I've always steered well clear of anything that contains the word 'oil' in the title (other than oil free!). I never thought of facial oils as a friend of mine but I'm slowly but surely staring to come around to the idea! 

I was very kindly sent Dr. Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil*, packed with vitamins and minerals all working together to rejuvenate, renew and protect skin. Fab! Dr. Botanicals is a London based beauty brand, their ranges are based on 100% natural ingredients, they're cruelty free, and vegan friendly! The Moroccan Rose Facial Oil smells incredible, and the packaging is so simple yet really effective and has a luxurious feel. It's great for dry skin, if you're concerned about fine lines or wrinkles, if you have pigmentation, want to look younger, and want to have more radiant skin. 

The oil itself is super easy to apply, you take 2-3 drops from the squeeze top applicator, which is great because you don't have any product wastage. And then massage into skin. So, what are my thoughts? It applied very softly and smoothly onto my skin, and didn't take long at all to sink in to my skin and dry (nothing worse than a soggy oiled up pillow!). After a few days I stopped applying it onto my nose because I felt it was, as you would expect, just continuing to make that area oily. I've been using the Moroccan Rose Facial Oil for a few weeks now and it's certainly enhanced the radiance of my skin. I will continue to use it but will reduce the number of times a week I use it. I'm just so in love with the stunning scent and have barely made a dent in the 30ml bottle. 

What are your thoughts on facial oils? Have you tried Dr. Botanicals?

Jenny XOX


  1. I have been loving using oils, day and night. I've never heard of this oil seems interesting. I'm currently using a rosehip oil.
    Kookii || Beauty By Her♥

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