14 April 2016


With bralets and fancy undies becoming more popular by the minute, myself and the gorgeous Niki from Pastel Beauty are teaming up to share with you our reviews of our beaut new bras from Greek Violet. Check out Niki's post here! I was very kindly sent the stunning 'Sky' bralette*, which is also available in a longline version. I'm a big fan of bralettes, personally, but to be completely honest with you, have never purchased one before. Mainly because I just don't feel confident enough to pull one off! This bra has completely changed how I feel about myself when I'm wearing it - it gives me so much more confidence and I just feel totally comfortable and feminine. Not many bras can do that.

The bra itself fits perfectly and is so evidently made with such passion, love and care. And with amazingly high quality materials too. The straps, as you would expect, are adjustable, and the fastener on the back is nice and small (nothing worse when it's big and just irritatingly oversized!). I love that the mesh on either side is different to the other, I think this really does show the quality of the product and that it's not just been shipped off a factory production line. Considering the bra material is quite thin, it provides surprisingly good support, although my one and ONLY issue is that the material can be a little itchy but if you were only planning on wearing this for a short while at a time I don't think you would have any issues. 

Every order is handmade just for you, something I feel we don't see enough of nowadays! What are your favourites from Greek Violet? Let me know in the comments!

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