10 April 2016


So let's all talk about the slightly unglamourous part of anyone's beauty routine. Shaving. I have no shame in admitting (okay, well maybe a little bit) that I am terrible for changing my razor blades. New razor subscription service, Friction Free Shaving, did some research and found out that 94% of women don't change their razor blades on a weekly basis (even though we should be). And that women change their blades 60% less frequently than men. We're gross, I know.

The Friction Free Shaving subscription service is available from £3 per month for a 2 head blade head, £5 per head for 3 blade head and £7 per month for a 5 blade head.  Each month you're sent 4 new blades, with the idea that you change your blade head every week. The gorgeous 5 head blade AKA Samantha, who I received, has a vitamin E lubricating strip, a wide, soft rubber guard, and it also pivots to help it glide gracefully around the contours of your body.

I am thrilled with how amazing this razor is, I can practically hear my legs shouting thank you! For me, the main positive is the price. £7 a month instead of about £12 for a pack of replacement blades, I think that's an absolute steal! The packaging is recyclable, fun, and discreet. Plus it fits perfectly through your letter box. The product itself is just such great quality, because it's quite heavy as far as razors are concerned, it gives you great control. And as we all know, I can't resist some rose gold! I'd highly recommend this and I will definitely be starting up a subscription. I think it's such an innovative concept, and one that can make life just that little bit more simple and hassle free.

Find your perfect shaviour here. What are your thoughts on a razor subscription service? Let me know in the comments.

Jenny XOX

*contains gifted item


  1. This sounds great! I currently use the Gilette Venus blades with the shave bars, which are super convenient but I always begrudge buying new blades as they are about £10 for 3!

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent

    1. That's better than $19 for 4 *cries*
      Then again, I always prefer 5 blades because it makes the shave last longer/skin smoother IMO.
      But, this subscription looks great - I like how there's a choice in the # of blades. I know theres a sub service like this in the US but it's just standard (though I think there are 4-blades).

    2. I'm the exact same they're so expensive! I think it's such a good idea, and they're all so feminine as well the choice is great! Thanks for reading and commenting ladies xox

  2. I've never thought about this before, I'll have to check out the website! Great post & idea!



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