18 January 2016


1. How to Get the Perfect Wing | Take a makeup brush and hold it in place as to where you want your eyeshadow to come to and blend away. You can also use a credit card, sellotape or wipe away with a damp cotton bud after application to achieve a foolproof line.

2. Use Lipstick Instead of Blush | For a longer lasting blush you can use lipstick instead of your normal powder or cream blush. Apply your desired shade onto your cheeks and then blend with fingertips. 

3. Fight Puffy Eyes | Tired of tired eyes? Keep your eye lotion in the fridge, the cool gel will will help sooth, help to make you feel more awake and can help reduce inflammation around the eye area. 

4. Foundation Too Dark for Your Skin Tone | If you accidentally buy or are given a foundation that is too dark for your skin tone, don't let it go to waste. Mix it with a lighter/white toned foundation or moisturiser to help lighten it. 

5. How to Make Your Lips Look Fuller | Apply white liner to the centre of your lips, blend it in with your fingertips then apply gloss or Vaseline. 

6. Change the Way You Apply Your Concealer | Apply your concealer in a triangle shape under your eye instead of a semi circle. It lightens the entire under eye area creating a more youthful and awake look. 

7. Last All Day Lipstick | Once you've applied your lipstick, take a tissue and hold it over your lips. Dust over this lightly with a translucent powder.

8. No More Dried Up Mascara | Put your dried up mascara in hot water and leave it to sit for five minutes or so. This will also help it to apply more smoothly onto your lashes.

9. No Makeup Remover? No Problem! | Coconut oil has so many amazing uses. One of which is a natural makeup remover. Use this as you would a cleanser, rub it all over your face and then wipe your face clean with a warm, wet face cloth. 

10. Stop Compact Breakages | To stop your compacts from cracking or breaking whilst they're in your bag you can put a cotton pad or cotton ball inside the compact to help take any impact from them bashing against anything else in your bag. 

11. Fake an Eye Lift | Using a light eyeshadow or eye liner, sweep along the entire length of your brow bone and blend it in. This creates the illusion of a higher arch, lifting your entire eye.

12. The 3 Rule | Apply your contour using the '3 rule'. Drawing a backwards 3 onto your face so the lines go along the top of your forehead, under your cheekbones and along your jawline.

13. DIY Tinted Moisturiser | Grab your fave concealer and mix a little bit of it with moisturiser or a face lotion. This way you can choose the amount of coverage you prefer.

14. Heated Lash Curler | An oldie but a goody. Heat your eyelash curler up with your hairdryer. This will help your lashes stay curled for longer and help them to curl easier. Be careful not to overheat, just a quick blast from the hairdryer will do.

15. Line Your Lips | To help your lipstick last longer, and blend in to your liner better, go over your entire lips instead of just lining around them. If your lipstick wears off you've still got your liner on all over underneath! 

What are your go to beauty hacks? Have you tried any of these before? 

Jenny XOX



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! It's such a good one to try out its one of my pet hates when they break! X

  2. Love all of these! Quite handy tips :) Tania xx taniamichele.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thanks Tania glad you like them! Thanks for reading and commenting! X

  3. Omg!!! These are so useful! I didn't know like any of them! Thank you so much x


    1. Ah Nicole thank you!! So happy you found them useful! Thanks for reading and commenting X

  4. I feel like a complete novice now! So much of this stuff I didn't actually know - this is brilliant!

    Musings & More

    1. I mix my foundation and moisturiser almost every day defo my fave hack of all time! Thanks for reading and commenting! X

  5. Tip number 10 is a great idea! Breaking compacts are the bane of my existence!


    1. Thanks Laura! Tell me about it, it's heartbreaking! Thanks for reading and commenting :) X

  6. Also use coconut oil for remove my makeup. Thanks for sharing dear


    1. Glad you liked it! Coconut oil had so many incredible uses! Xox

  7. I really enjoyed nr 12 and 13! It is so clever and smart. Definitely gonna try this.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Love, Liliann from

    1. Thanks Liliann! Love mixing my moisturiser in with foundation for a more natural look xox


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