27 August 2017

Brands I've Loved Working With & Why

For me, working with brands is a great way of expanding my knowledge of products, upcoming and existing brands, networking and making contacts, and not to mention it gives you the opportunity to create fresh and exciting content for your readers.

13 August 2017

Culotte Jumpsuit Lust

Do you ever just get your heart so set on finding a particular outfit that you've been lusting over and have dreamed up in your head? Yeah, me too. Culotte jumpsuits have been so popular this summer, and although I'm not one for

6 August 2017

Blogging on a Budget

When I first started blogging the thought of actually spending money never even crossed my mind. I want to make it very clear that you do not need money to blog successfully, I just feel there is a constant pressure to always have the latest releases and the best tech. Although Born to Blend originally started
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